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1: What is a consultation and how much is the consultation fee?

The consultation goes deeper into individual events and gives a more precise price versus the base prices provided in the general pricing section. The Consultation fee is a non-refundable $25 fee that is applied towards the final balance if services are used. This fee is to insure everyone’s time and ideas are treated as valuable. Many general price questions can be answered below.

2: What is the Deposit?

The deposit is the non-refundable amount put down to secure the date of the event. Once an event decor plan is established an invoice will be sent, via email, with the breakdown of décor and services. The client has 24 hours to put down the deposit or the date will open back up to the public. Dates are available on a first come first serve basis and are not secured without a deposit. This means any conversations are hypothetical until the deposit is received and will not serve as a guarantee of service. The deposit is generally 50% of the total cost of the event décor. It is non-refundable because it may be used to secure supplies. In a situation where a party is postponed the deposit may be transferred to a credit. If the event is cancelled the deposit may be used as a credit HOWEVER décor must remain the same. For example, if initial party called for red linens and was canceled the next event the credit will be used towards will need to use red linens.

3. When are Balances due?

Balances are due 7 days prior to event. Unless otherwise agreed upon, if a balance is not paid in full 7 days prior to event décor services will be cancelled and the deposit will be automatically transferred to a credit for a future event. If this occurs 3 times the deposit will be forfeited cancelling out its value as a credit. This ensures dates are not being taken off the calendar repeatedly eliminating them as options for other clients.

4: How are deposits and balances paid?

Deposits and Balances can be paid by Cash, Zelle, or Credit Card. In the event a credit card is used there will be a 3% fee charged. Receipt of payments will be sent via email. 

5: How much setup time is needed?

This varies depending on the size of the event or décor being used. Most events need 2 or more hours for a setup. The more guest or décor a client has the more setup time is needed. For example, an event calling for a tablescape setup and balloon back drop for 20 kids may require 2 hours however, 2 hours will not be enough time for a tablescape for 100 people. Once more details about the event are established a setup time can be discussed during consultation. 

6. What is included in Clean up?

Clean up includes removing décor that is not to be kept by client and guest. Clean up does not include picking up trash, sweeping floors, etc. We are team players and are always willing to help however, it is not our responsibility to completely clean up after guest after an event. We will pitch in to be the client’s assistant while removing our décor. We understand the need to be out of a venue at a certain time and will assist with this as much as possible.

7. How much does décor cost? What’s a good budget?

a.  As expected, this is the most asked question. Fortunately, there is not one set price. This is fortunate because every event is different. An event for 30 people should not cost the same as an event for 100 people. There are 3 ways we work when pricing:

     1. We can work within a specific budget, giving clients options available for a set budget.

     2. We can price based off  inspirational pics or ideas the client has presented.

     3.We can make a game plan based of the clients wants and provide the total cost of that plan.

b.  Balloon setup pricing also varies. Balloons vary depending on the shape of the desired effect such as balloon columns, balloon garlands, balloon arches, and balloon walls. These also vary depending on the number of colors and balloon sizes. For example, the balloon budget may be $50, the client can be given options of a balloon column with 2 colors and a topper balloon, a 5 foot garland with 2 colors and one balloon size, or a one color garland with 3 sized balloons. This is designed so the client can make their own budget.

8. What can I take home after the event?

Personalized items such as monogrammed napkins or personalized backdrops can be kept by client booking the event and distributed as desired. Party favors can be added and taken home by guest. Everything else, unless previously discussed, cannot be kept. 

9. How do we communicate during the planning process?

We can communicate via email, by text, or by phone. Email and text are great for creating a reference for previous conversations in case a question is asked but the answer is forgotten. However, phone calls are okay as well and usually followed up with text/email summary to create a reference for the phone conversation. 

Thank you for your consideration in allowing Vivid Details Party Décor to be a part of your event. We look forward to working with you to make lasting memories. Although these are the most commonly asked questions, they are not the only questions. Please feel free to reach out to us for additional questions. In an effort to value everyone’s time we may not get too detailed without a consultation, but general questions can be answered. May God Bless you.

Commonly Asked Questions: FAQ
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